No doubt you're wondering...

What do we do?

We re-connect.

Yes. We re-connect. We help brands to re-connect with people.
How? Simple: through AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT.

By going from being what appears on the screen before what they want to watch, to being what they REALLY want to watch.

Simple yes, but not easy. Because we are not talking about just any content. Not everything goes. Amidst the noise of a massive offer, what really catches the attention of viewers is quality content. Only GOOD CONTENT is king.

In the other hand it’s not only about creating that content, it’s also about reaching the viewers that are looking for it.
It’s about really reaching the target audience.

Therefore, we are talking about
Creating and producing great entertainment content
And distributing it so it reaches as far as possible.

And here is where we step in.


Our team has been working with brands for years creating and producing branded content, but we also have a vast experience telling the kind of stories that brands are looking for in TV shows, documentaries, fiction… Telling and distributing them. We have been living for a long time between both worlds, entertainment and brands. That enables us to understand the dynamics and singularities of each one of them.

So as a Branded Entertainment Agency we can add value by means of:

From the beginning

The seed of every project is in THE IDEA. Without a good idea there can be no good content. We like to listen to our clients to know what message, what story they want to tell. And with all this in mind, we bring our CREATIVITY to the table. We identify the right type of format for each project, and we create the best content from scratch and tailor-made.

Content Boutique

Every idea needs to be shaped, to become a reality. A design, a tailor-made content needs a tailor-made production. And for this we enjoy working with the best professionals in the audiovisual world for each type of content, people who add their talent to make each story we want to tell grow.

To reach further...

You already have a really good content. Now what? Now it's time to make it get to where it can contribute, and for that we take care of the distribution and sale of the project in the audiovisual market, helping our clients to get their message to as many people as possible.

And who is behind?

Who are we?

 THE TINTIRIN TEAM was born from bringing together three worlds: those of Juanjo, Silvia and Joaquín.

Each of them has put the best of theirs to make this team-based project grow.

Juanjo is a vocational storyteller who has been turning his passion in to his profession for years, since his beginnings at Canal+ (El Día Después, Informe Robinson). Co-founder of La Caña Brothers, he worked in the creation, development and sale of all kinds of formats for Movistar+, La Sexta, TVE, or Netflix, and Branded Content (Telefónica, Red Bull, Adidas, Real Madrid, Mahou, etc).

Juanjo López

Silvia is also a storyteller but, in her case, with a camera. As a documentary photographer she has developed several personal projects. She has focussed her career in the audio-visual world working in still photography and making-of as well as participating in several formats and content creation.

Silvia Domínguez Vidal

Joaquín's experience comes from the world of Law and lucky for us he has a great passion for adventures in good company. Adventures that allow him to broaden even more the view of the world we live in. He links the team to earthly laws so we can float without escaping gravity, making it easier for the magic to flow without missing out on being a part of it.

Joaquín Fanjul
Founder-Partner & C.E.O.

Along with us in this journey, there is a great team of professionals from different disciplines such as creativity, image, sound and distribution.

Each and one of us makes THE TINTIRIN TEAM.

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